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Identity Theft Targets Females!

According to a study of more than 800 families by Affinity Security Center, 28% of women talked to stated they had actually been the victim of some level of identification fraud compared to 21% of men.

Why is it that women are more susceptible to identity theft than guys?

Is it due to the fact that females are more trusting by nature or perhaps more careless with their personal information? Not necessarily either!

While many aspects add to the disparity in between males and females, according to the study, one of the biggest elements is on-line buying. Surprisingly, this digital commerce (purchasing and acquiring online) with built-in innovation safeguards, actually makes identification theft more difficult to pursue.

Due to the fact that guys participate more with internet purchasing over real world retail, they are in fact less susceptible to identity theft and scams. Females, on the other hand, have the tendency to have even more in-person deals with dining establishments, salon, grocery and store purchases. The research found that many scams attacks against females take place through in-person acquisitions, where there is less consumer-control.

The report also revealed that females are less likely to find and report the scams in a prompt way, which sadly results in taking longer to recover or restore their identity.

In a different research by the Identify Theft Assistance Center, about 25% of all cases of identification theft are committed by a partner or friend, relative, associate or in-house worker. Lost or stolen purses, checkbooks or credit cards account for about 15% of fraud, with mail/trash scams trailing close behind at 11%.

To learn more on what to do should you become a victim or to assist in preventing you from ending up a victim, you can see the Federal Trade Commission website at www.ftd.gov. Nobody is immune– which isn’t really to state, that we’re vulnerable. There’s a lot we can do to deter, secure, and protect ourselves from identify theft and wumber anti-spam is a great way of protecting your personal details on-line.

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