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Phishing – What is it?

Phishing is an email spam rip-off that is specifically utilized to commit identity theft.

Its sole function is to lure you into divulging individual personal and private information, which they can use to perpetrate identity theft. This includes passwords, card numbers, birth dates, PINs and other essential personal information.

The term entered usage to represent the method phishers bait to entice their victims into divulging personal information. Industry professionals define this sneaky practice as a kind of “social engineering.”

Generally, a phishing attack will be executed in combination with a huge spam mailing.

Phishing spam is sent out to countless recipients, often with a subject line that is exciting or distressing. It is calculated to activate an immediate reaction from the recipient, and get them to respond without any idea of what’s actually going on or have time to think about it.

The phishing email will typically have phrases such as:

-Dear Valued Customer.
-Click the link listed below to access to your account.
-If you do not respond within 24 Hr, your account shall be closed.

The phishing spam is usually a deceitful but extremely official-looking e-mail. It is cleverly developed to replicate the website and e-mail messages of an organisation you know and rely on such as your bank or mortgage business, eBay, PayPal, Amazon or other highly populated websites. The email will even sport official logos and graphics of the legitimate company.

It will advise you to click on a link in the e-mail to go to the business’s site, where you can “update” your individual information. It is, however, just a copycat spoof website, set up to give the spammer access to your personal and financial information. So, any info you enter here will go straight to the identity thieves.

What are the Consequences?

If you fall victim to the rip-off and unwittingly divulge private information, you will be left susceptible to identity theft, credit card scams and other financial losses and frauds.

These identity thieves will either offer the information to fellow wrongdoers, or use it for their own financial gain. They might utilize it to access funds from your bank accounts and credit cards and move them to their own checking accounts, have new credit cards created in your name and basically destroy your credit rating at the same time.

They count on simply a few falling for the scam and volunteering their details: if a simple 1% of receivers volunteer their personal information, the phishing expedition will be a hughly lucrative. It is these few of victims who make the fraud beneficial to the scammers.

wumber introduced a technology called Inframapping in 2010 which prevents users from becoming victims of phishing be examining the entire underlying infrastructure of a website and providing a fingerprint, which it then compares to known fingerprints. It will immediately and flawlessly notify you of a scam site.

There is simply, safety in wumbers…