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Phishing Scams are on the rise, don’t become the next victim!

Every dad worth his weight in salmon eggs and shiny lures has at least one great fishing story-usually about the great catch that got away. Unfortunately, too few dads have stories about how they avoided getting caught in a different kind of fishing caper-the online variety known as “phishing.”.

Phishing attacks are perpetrated by criminals using fake websites and other tactics to trick people into sharing personal information online. These scams are helping fuel the global escalation of identity theft. According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, the number of phishing sites reported each month was up more than 250%, from 48,114 in October 2015 to 123,555 in March 2016. To put this into perspective, from 2,854 sites in April 10-years earlier in 2005.

Reported Phishing Sites…

2,854 – 2005

48,114 – 2015

123,555 – 2016

“People can avoid phishing attacks by learning the tell-tale signs of these scams and using phish-fighting technology,” said a spokesperson from wumber, which offers free technology to help protect people from phishing scams and phishing websites.

The wumber Inframapping technology alerts people to, and prevents users from giving any useful information to phishing sites. Already available free of charge and available as an Internet Explorer Add-in to all wumbles, the term given to a wumber user.

Weekend fisherman Bob Martin has learned how to avoid phishing scams by applying tactics similar to those of the wily salmon that evade his lures. “We carefully review e-mails and Web sites that request personal information,” said Mr. Martin, a father of two who runs a mutual fund.

  •   Avoid clicking on links to Web sites contained in e-mail messages, and never when updating account information or changing passwords.
  •   Double click on the padlock icon near the URL of business Website. The name that comes onto the screen should match the name of the site and the common name of the business.
  •   Use the wumber Internet Explorer Add-in, it’s free!

wumber.com also recommends that users create different log-in names and passwords for different sites, using the Inframapping IE add-on this is achieved using long strong passwords.

Remember, wumber is free to join and free for everyone to use, so join today!