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#Phishing Summary for November 2013

Each month wumber publishes a report on the top phishing scams that are doing the rounds for the prior month.

The key to avoiding these Phishing Scams is to avoid becoming the “Low Hanging Fruit” as we have discussed in previous blogs. Much of the advice attached to Phishing scam blogs and alerts is REACTIVE rather than PROACTIVE. If you avoid the spam in the first place, the number of Phishing scams that you will be exposed to is limited to those you will either stumble across or those you will read about. wumber anti-phishing will prevent you from becoming a victim while wumber anti-spam will stop the spam from even getting sent to you, let alone the idea of having to filter it reactively.

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Inside this edition, November 2013 – the following brands get a mention:

Some of these posts maybe additional information for posts and blogs stories that occurred at an earlier time. They may also be repeat attempts of known or similar scams that have already been out and about.

To discover how you can avoid spam and be protected from phishing scams, check out wally from wumber in his video below.