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#Phishing… A Thing Of The Past With wumber!

If you use email, you’re a phishing target… unless you’re a wumble, that is!

What is Phishing?

A Phisher is a person with criminal tendencies who is going to try to obtain the security login details to your back account, corporate computer or discover as much information about you as they can in order to become you. Yes! Become you!

They will use you good credit score to obtain loans in your name, use your security details to clean out your bank account or buy vehicles, obtain credit cards and use your identity for just about anything else that is of value. Once they have exhausted your bank account and obtained loans in your name, they will move on to another persons identity and start again.

Now, the biggest problem that you have from the lenders perspective is that there is physically no way of determining if the perpetrator is you or someone else, so with a severely damaged credit record and a seemingly endless string of bad debts, loan defaults and overdrawn unpaid and overused credit cards to your name, you would expect that the police or FBI which do get involved would be able to help you, but there is very little that they can do. So you’re going to have to sort this one out yourself. You are encouraged to report every offense, as this enabled law enforcement agencies to create profiles and patterns of offences which will increase the chances of catching these criminals.

You can expect to spend basically whatever remaining money that you might have left to clear your name and you will need to set aside about two years to do it. Any assets that you may have like a vehicle, house, saved money will probably be forfeit to the creditors for the debts that have been racked up in your name and legally there is going to be little that can be done to save these assets.

wumber reporters and staff have written a large number of articles about phishing and you will be able to read some of them at our wumber anti-spam and wumber anti-phishing blog.

How can you prevent it?

The cover image of a gazelle getting rundown by a lion made me think of an old adage… A gazelle doesn’t need to outrun a hungry lion… only a slower gazelle! So we can apply the same thinking to Phishing! If you require too much effort, the Phisher will go for an easier target, so stay vigilant and better protected than anyone else there is no second place.

There are many things that you can do to prevent it, the best and most effective method is simply “don’t get involved in the first place!” I know that sounds easy and you may be thinking that you need to go and live in a cave somewhere and forget any contact with the outside world. Nothing could be further from the truth. You do need to do some very simple things that will become counter productive for Phishers. Remember, you don’t have to out wit a Phisher you just have to be smarter than another person who will become an easier target. In the animal kingdom, you don’t have to be the fastest gazelle to get away from the hungry lion, you just need to outrun a slower gazelle. This is the same method we are going to use.

For the most part Phishing starts with spam!

So let’s address this first. You can take whatever measures you like to prevent spam but only 1 method will totally prevent it, you can put in spam filters which will provide some amount of REACTIVE protection but are not 100% effective and require constant maintenance and updating to keep up to date with the spammers or you can change your email address every week, all of which is inconvenient and impractical. So what other options are there? Well this is where wumber can help! wumber creates a unique encoded email address which can only be used by the person that you give that email address to. If that person give it to someone else, puts it on a mailing list, posts it on a website or whatever, it simply wont work. This will PROACTIVELY reduce your spam to zero! If the email isn’t as you expected or you get sick of too much email from somebody, you can limit or disconnect them without effecting any of your other email users. And… The whole process is seamless through your desktop email application or client or smart phone. You will forget that you are even using wumber and your protection is 24 x 7 x 365!

At this point, you would be totally protected from the phishing threats that come through the email as spam.

What about when your online?

wumber uses a two prong attack on spam and phishing. It works on the assumption that you don’t trust anybody so remains totally vigilant at all times. wumber uses a unique technology called INFRAMAPPING which thoroughly investigate and fingerprint the infrastructure behind any website that the wumber add-on is activated on. This fingerprint mapping includes computer names, Domain Names, IP Addresses and a plethora of other information which isn’t immediately available to you as a human when you look at a website or webpage.

wumber provides this INFRAMAPPING tool totally free of charge to any wumber subscriber – wumber is free to join and free to use, so this whole process won’t cost you a dime.

wumber’s anti-phishing add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer has a number of other tricks up it’s sleeves too. Like the built-in password purse, which can do some amazing things such as generate a unique email address, user identity (login) and random strong password for every single web site that you subscribe to and you don’t even need to think about it.

wumber Add-On for Microsoft Internet Explorer


1. Secure SSL Login directly from the add-on

2. Select a specialist Custom Sender Name (CSN) and User Vanity Name (UVN) from your subscription

3. Every website generates a unique wumber to allow exacting control over the use of the email address

4. Automatically generate a random strong password from 8 to 20 characters

5. Cancel “Remember Me” feature

6. “Remember Me” feature for automatic login whenever the add-on is launched on a web page

7. Generate a new wumber, if you don’t like the one automatically presented.

8. Generate a new password if you don’t like the one automatically presented.

9. Display the advanced options


10. Use a unique login for the web site – derived from the email address, random or user selected

11. Generate a unique random login name for the web site

12. Use a shortened version of the wumber as a login

13. always present this wumber to the website as a lowercase email address

14. Force this wumber to be retained at the end of a trial period or in transition from a paid period to a free period of subscription

15. Conceal the password on the Main Screen of the add-on as a series of asterisks (****).

The wumber Add-On for Microsoft Internet Explorer is activated by moving your mouse over any field on a web page as right-clicking your mouse to display the IE Page menu.

IMPORTANTwumber is totally FREE to join, and it’s FREE to use! So join today and leave the spam behind.

If you want to learn more about wumber, check out the 2 minute video below.

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