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Tax Hoax!

A wumble recently wrote to us to tell us about their experience. (The user details have been removed for security purposes)

Online transactions are a part and parcel of our lives.

We have anti-virus and software to protect us from any kind of spam or phishing, but how can you control emails which state more than just you winning the lottery?

What if you get an email relating to a charity, loan or may be your taxes?

I had fallen for an email scam which stated that I could get deductions on my taxes if I filled the form which was provided. I didn’t really pay too much attention to the email as it was not flagged as spam by my anti-virus software.

So all I could think of was the opportunity of getting my tax reduced and I did what the email asked me to do. I provided my account number linked to my income tax, my bank details and also my email and password. Once I pressed enter I thought that I would receive notification of my reduced taxes in a few days. Instead, I received an email from my bank stating that a sum of $812.98 dollars had been transferred from my account.

This so called email was not just any kind of spam; but it was well developed software (called malware) which extracted money from people’s accounts and transferred it to an unknown bank account.

Honestly, I haven’t recovered my loss; all I could do was get my bank account blocked.

The incident has kept me wary of the websites and emails which I receive. But it was not enough; I needed to get myself an online protection which would instantly notify the nature of the email and website.

That is when I came across wumber.com!

wumber.com provided the tools to prevent me from spam and  keep vigilant against the kind of websites which may be dubious. It protected my login id from uncertain portals and suspicious websites.

I am a happy wumble and now I can safely browse the net!

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