US Government shutdown a green light for spam

It didn’t take more than a couple of days before the spammers saw a new opportunity to start spamming in the wake of the US Government shutdown. As the US Government headed towards partial shutdown because of failure to agree on a new budget the spammers lit the midnight oil and started up the spam machines.

The spammers and scammers have found yet another new opportunity of cashing in and the US Government shutdown spam has started to make the rounds. While it appears the spammers are focusing on encouraging “the spammed” to participate in honest and simple clearance sales of trucks and cars, the whole thing is a scam. Clicking on the “button” like link (or URL) will take you to a website with a fraudulent and non-existing offer on it. The offer is only designed to part you and your cash, there are no autos, there is no clearance sale!

Naturally, this is an over-baked offer that no normal person would fall for, but suggesting “Half-Off our autos for each day the US Govt is shut down” may appear to be too good to miss, well you’d be wrong.  This has all the normal hallmarks of spam, and guess what? “IT IS SPAM” and there is no auto savings, so put your hard earned cash back in your pocket and head to your local automobile dealer.

It is a relief to all our wumber users that this sort of nonsense is a thing of the past. Find out how wumber will protect you from spam. Remember your wumber email address can only be used by the person that you give it to, so join today… It’s free!

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