Phish This!

I was first introduced to the Internet in the late 90’s. The quick communication between business partners and easy chats with friends on the various chat portals, made me fall in love with the Internet. As the Internet grew, I began to follow the different trends which came around; first as a casual user with no particular interest, it was more about the journey and adventure. I then became a part of Facebook, Twitter so on and so forth. I even started to buy things online as my confidence grew. I was totally hooked on to the online world until one day I almost lost my entire bank balance and was charged a credit card bill for things I had no clue of. Despite my extensive care of anti phishing and email theft with my latest Anti Virus, one mistake led me to this disastrous fall. I had one password for everything. I actually thought that since it is a password of a random word, no one would be able to crack the code. Overtly confident in my so called intelligence, my credit card bill arrived shaking me to my bones; it read a credit loan due of $10,000, my card was maxed out.

On calling my credit card company, I found out that a night after I had actually bought some things online, the very next day there were certain purchases which had been made. I knew it was a case of online theft and fraud but what confused me was how it had been done? I had taken all measures to ensure my safety. It was then I came across where I found out about how to protect my password from being misused and circulated online. helped me control the use of my email address and provided safe and secure random passwords, a unique one for every web site I visited. It allowed me to disconnect the people with my email address that were just sending me too much stuff or which I felt dicey about and even took care to protect me from spam by providing a totally different controllable email address for each site without affecting my original address and without any management overhead. Today I feel safe and secure.

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