Be safe and secure online

wumber is a free service provided by SP Touch Group LLC, which is promising to make the Internet a safer place with less spam while protecting its users from spam, phishing and identity theft threats. “Our vision is to stop spam dead in its tracks, before it begins and prevent our users from becoming Phishing victims,” said Candy Slater, spokesperson for SP Touch Group LLC in New York.

Protecting you from spam and Phishing

wumber hides your real email address so it also hides your identity and because your “wumber” email address can only be used by the person or business that you give it to, you will receive less spam. If you start using a new email account, then you will receive no spam at all!

Every day you may find plenty of email asking for details to pick up a parcel or maybe personal details for your bank to verify a frozen account, etc. These emails are for the sole purpose of Phishing and like normal fishing, they get the odd bite and another victim. wumber stops these emails before they begin. An additional application provides a “smart-connect” features which when used with Microsoft Internet Explorer provides additional protection and prevents you from entering or giving real login details to a fake or fraudulent website.

Preventing the spam

Online shopping, dating online and other financial transactions online are frequent events these days. This anti-spam application is ideal for these kinds of online registrations and transaction as you may get spam in the form of ongoing marketing and sales follow-ups.

Use wumber on your smart phone

wumber can be used on any Smart phone by adding your wumber details to your email configuration. There is no ongoing management when using wumber you send and receive emails as you do normally now. wumber will prevent email spam even when you access your email from your smart phone. You can also use the wumber mobile app when you are asked for your email when you’re out and about, shopping, clubbing or whatever.

You do not need to manage your wumber application on your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. You can freely email as wumber works in the background to protect you, wherever you are. You remain in control – always!

Be safe from email scams, identity theft and phishing threats join wumber. It’s free to join and free for everyone to use.

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