An Easy Way to Prevent Cybercrimes

Emails are one of the best technical advancements that the last century has seen. However, every good thing comes with some flaw or another. An email inbox is a place where many important mails arrive and are kept and hence its privacy must be adequately maintained.

One of the best ways to protect identity and prevent the spam content as well is to subscribe to wumber. It is one of the best free anti-spam solutions available across the internet. wumber encodes the email address in such a way that it can be used only by the business house or the person to whom the address is given.

Any hoax website or person will not be able to tamper the email address or the identity of the user. The software can be effective for tie-ups with online dating sites, shopping sites, etc. as it does not only aim at preventing spam but protection from phishing as well.

A spam email is a way of establishing a lot of fraudulence and criminal malpractices. By using wumber, an email user remains safe and can change the email settings and privacy settings without any notification to any associated person or business site whatsoever.

However, the email user will be able to continue the receipt of emails without any disruption to other users.

Wumber also provides an Add-on to the free Microsoft Internet Explorer. The anti-phishing technology offered by any wumber subscription not only maintains different passwords for different websites but also prevents the leakage of those passwords to any fake websites. And, the best thing about the software is that there is no maintenance and it’s free to use.

In this fast-paced twenty-first century there has been a tremendous increase in the crime rates across the globe with cybercrime being the newest addition to the endless list of criminal activities. So, it is always advisable to anyone and everyone to subscribe to wumber and get rid of identity theft in all possible ways.

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