Identity Crisis

Sharing photos and getting tagged is a common feature in our social lives. But things can go awry when someone cuts ‘n’ pasts your face on to an obscene picture and circulates it.

Sadly I was a victim of this. I loved to party and was a typical party animal. I loved my friends, I loved my drinks and I loved looking good for pictures.

With my kind of lifestyle I met many people and hung out in various groups. All said and done, you do meet someone you really like and start to go out every day with that person. And sadly reality does catch up with you once you realize what is going on. Being a socially active person, I had my mates. And when you get involved with a person romantically, that person becomes a big part of your life and your everyday activities.

Like any relationship, things were smooth at the beginning. Over time things started get out of control and the relationship started to crumble. You never really give any thought to how those pictures of yours can be used!

It happened after we broke up from the relation, thinking it to be an amicable break-up, and although we weren’t seeing each other anymore, I thought we were still friends. What I didn’t know is that this person had taken obscene pictures of me and also had access to my account. He uploaded those pictures on my social networking sight and without my knowledge and changed my password and settings, so I couldn’t login or reset my password.

I think this was the scariest time of life. With the support of my friends and family, I was able to get through this mess.

I learnt a valuable lesson about online activities. To secure my online security a friend told about wumber uses a unique system to control my password use and because they use strong passwords with their own password management system, my passwords are nearly impossible to work out using things that a person may know about me, and I can control access to all my website passwords, with one password, so I am in full control.

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