SP Touch Group LLC Introduces an New Product Called wumber

SP Touch Group LLC is introducing a new product, wumber, which will serve as the holy grail of no email spam. It is a product that should be used by people who are making online transactions for purchasing or selling stuff and help in preventing spam proactively.

Since there are many anti-spam systems that are offered in the market, the product is offered with a free subscription. Though it is not as feature-packed as other paid services are, the product is designed in providing protection for email identity and preventing spam effectively.

The product is designed to be used by people who are involved with dating sites, online shopping stores, and other sites that needs your email information. It provides high level of email protection on your part and prevents any spam messages from entering a users email accounts. The product helps in preventing phishing through a particular technology and terminology called Inframap or Inframapping, wherein the technology would detect whether the website that a user is using currently a real or fraudulent website. Another feature that makes it impressive is that it can be used through any Smartphones and even other handheld gadgets that can access email-asking websites.

Through the introduction of the new product, people will know how they can prevent email scam and prevent it from fooling them whenever they are online. People who are interested with finding a product or system that can help them with how their email addresses can be used are sure to love the function of this new product.

SP Touch Group LLC is in support of those people who want to get rid of spam messages on their emails and to help in preventing identity theft from growing in the online community. The product developed by the company was made to give internet users the protection that they want from receiving spam messages on their emails after entering a particular website.

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To get more information about the new product of the company, visit their site at


https://www.wumber.com. For people who have inquiries or suggestions with the product of the company contact Ian Smith / Candy Slater at 1-8555-SPTOUCH (Free call within the USA) or just send an email at [email protected].

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